Hokies Dominate The Eagles Grabbing Win #5 (11-11-23)

By: Joey Raymond

Headline Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics

The Boston College Eagles and the Virginia Tech Hokies clash in a game that should be a fairly even matchup. As far as the stats on paper, you should be able to flip a coin and whatever team it lands on, would be a safe bet to call the winner. Most places can’t decide on a favorite in this matchup as some places have the Eagles as 1.5 point favorites, while others have the Hokies as 1.5 point favorites. The Eagles come into this game winners of their last 5 games. The Hokies may have lost their last game, but they’ve been on the upward trend otherwise. They have won 2 of the last 3 games, the loss coming from Louisville last week. 

First Quarter Recap:

Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics

Virginia Tech kicks off to Boston College to start us out in the game. On the first play of the game, the Hokies get an interception thanks to Dorian Strong. Virginia Tech would get an early opportunity to capitalize on a turnover. The Hokies red zone struggles would continue, as they’re forced to settle for a field goal. The Hokies would lead it early, 3-0. The Eagles wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, sticking mostly on the ground, work their way into the endzone. A touchdown coming off a run from Broome, giving the Eagles a 3-7 lead. The Hokies wouldn’t be able to respond in their next drive, having to punt it on a three and out. Boston College would throw it in the direction of Dorian Strong again, and get picked off again, giving the Hokies the ball back quickly. This drive would be very read option heavy, and it would pay off. Bayshul Tuten would be the one to run it into the endzone, giving the Hokies a touchdown, and a 10-7 lead. The Hokies would then go for an onside kick, fully catching the Eagles by surprise, and giving the Hokies another possession. The Hokies would run a couple of plays, but the clock would hit zeros, ending the first quarter. 

Second Quarter Recap: 

Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics

The Hokies continue their drive at the 42 yard line to start the second quarter. The Hokies would strike quickly to start the second quarter, as Drones finds Gosnell for a 22 yard touchdown pass. The Hokies would take a 17-7 lead thanks to the score. Boston College would try to find something offensively on their next drive. Unfortunately for the Eagles, they would shoot themselves in the foot on multiple occasions, getting to 3rd and 21, and can’t convert. The Eagles would be forced to punt it back to the Hokies. The Hokies would get a kick return to go to the house and get called back, thanks to an illegal block in the back, forcing the Hokies to start their drive at the 35 yard line. Kyron Drones would go on a 59 yard run to start the drive. A couple plays later, Drones would find Jaylin Lane for a quick score, stretching the lead to 24-7. The Eagles would move to about midfield before the Virginia Tech defense would force them to punt. The Hokies would move down the field incredibly fast. Virginia Tech would go 5 plays, 83 yard drive in just over 2 minutes, capping off the drive with a touchdown. The Hokies would take a massive 31-7 lead. The Eagles would punt it away on their next drive after another three and out. After the Hokies try to make something happen before the half ends, they would have to punt it, and the Eagles would take a knee. This would send the game to halftime. 

Third Quarter Recap: 

Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics

Virginia Tech receives the kick after halftime with a massive 31-7 lead. With a lead this big, the Hokies control their destiny in this game. The Hokies would decisively move their way down the field, taking 6 minutes off the clock, capping off in a touchdown run from Tuten, giving the Hokies a 38-7 lead. Boston College would come out of the half with some new life, going 13 plays, for 65 yards, finishing the drive with a touchdown. The Eagles would go for two after the score, they would convert it, inching them closer, as the score moved to 38-15. The Eagles would attempt an onside kick, but it wouldn’t work as the Hokies fell right on it. The Hokies would run the clock down as far as they could, picking up a couple first downs before the clock hits all zeros. 

Fourth Quarter Recap:

Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics

Virginia Tech continues their drive, looking to close out this game and get their first road win of the season. They would hand it to Malachi Thomas to start the quarter, he would break a tackle, and head the 35 yards into the endzone, giving the Hokies a 45-15 lead. Boston College would be in desperate need of some life on offense on their next drive. They wouldn’t be able to get anything going, having to punt it right back to the Hokies after a three and out. The back ups would then come into the game as the Hokies try to salt this game away. They’ll work it down to the 31 yard line before attempting a 46 yard field goal. Love would absolutely nail it, bringing the lead to 48-15. The Eagles would also bring in the backups on their next drive. Very quickly, the Eagles would go three and out, forcing yet another Boston College punt. Virginia Tech would get an incredible run from Grant Wells before fumbling it out of the endzone, giving the ball to Boston College. They’d have to punt it away again, but they would muff the punt, again giving it back to the Eagles. The Eagles would take full advantage of the second chance, getting into the endzone after a 6 play, 37 yard drive. The score after the touchdown would be 48-22. Virginia Tech would bring in Pop Watson at quarterback, and quickly drive to mid field. The Hokies would try to knock as much time off the clock as they could. Virginia Tech is successful in doing so, knocking the rest of the time off the clock, securing the 48-22 win. 

What’s Next? 

Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics

The Hokies will head back to Blacksburg riding high off of a massive win here in Chestnut Hill. The biggest win for the Hokies all season long, and the biggest road win since 2005. After the win the Hokies move to 5-5 on the season, and the Eagles will move to 6-4 on the year. They’ll get a chance to stay at home next week and play the North Carolina State WolfPack. As for the Boston College Eagles, they’ll head to Pittsburgh next to play the Pittsburgh Panthers. This is an enormous win for the Virginia Tech Hokies as they search for bowl eligibility. All they need is one more win against either NC State or against Virginia to go to a bowl game. That would be considered a huge win for the Hokies, that being if they could make a bowl in year two under Brent Pry.